Miami College Scholarships


Ohio Northern University,  Creative and Professional Writing

My name is Ricki Ervin and I am now a senior at Ohio Northern University. I am originally from Houston, Texas, but dreamed of attending ONU because of its very small size, available majors, and homey atmosphere overall. When I found out I was accepted, I literally jumped around and cried with joy. I knew I would feel right at home here. The only problem was how I was going to pay for this private institution. That’s where the Take Charge Foundation comes in.

To say I am grateful for this scholarship is a grandiose understatement. It has allowed me to become a profoundly better writer, experience what a valuable education feels like, and become connected to professors and peers who will help me to be successful after college. After almost four years of studying Creative and Professional Writing, I feel more than prepared to excel in the “real world”, taking with me the knowledge and skills provided at ONU.

Truly, without the financial AND emotional support from Shane, Heidi, and Newell, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My poetry has been published in a literary journal, I have become Poetry Editor of Polaris Literary Magazine, and I am attending an annual writers conference this Spring. All of this is preparing me for my career after I graduate, and I owe it to the Take Charge Foundation. I am continually grateful.

I currently attend Ohio Northern University and I am majoring in creative writing and minoring in professional writing. I will be graduating May of 2016! (IT’S ALMOST HERE!) I knew I wanted to pursue a college education around sixth grade. I attended the charter school KIPP 3D Academy and KIPP Houston High School, and their number one goal is to get students to and through college. Some obstacles I faced in pursuing my education were financial burdens and family setbacks. My grandmother suffered multiple strokes that led her to require around-the-clock care and support, and I knew that my family was in no position to help me pay for college. I first heard of the Take Charge Foundation from my high school college counselors. They informed us of the scholarship, and helped us apply and be prepared for interviews. My relationship with Heidi, Shane, and Newell have been prosperous and inspiring. From the moment I met Heidi and Newell in my first interview, they surprised me with their touching sympathy, relaxed atmosphere, and overall caring attitudes. I have received help and support from all of them on a personal and academic level throughout these four years; they have shown nothing but love and pride for me in my endeavors. I plan on becoming an editor and author of a collection of poetry, and eventually I would like to become a publisher. The biggest piece of advice I can offer high school students is to take advantage of your counselors, teachers, and experienced mentors who can help you find the right avenues to pursue your dreams. I would tell them that the relationships they make could tremendously help them with their goals in high school, college, and afterwards.