College Scholarship Foundation Detroit


Florida International University, Biomedical Engineering 

I graduated from Booker T. Washington S.H.S. spring of 2015. I am currently a Biomedical Engineering major hoping to graduate with my masters in 2020.

I knew that I had to pursue a college education because it was a key factor for a lifestyle improvement for my family. I understood that it would not be easy at all. My strength, passion and drive to graduate college and become a beacon of hope for my family comes from God and watching my father work six days a week year after year with no vacation. As I look at his aging and fragile physique, all I can think of is becoming successful in my dreams and providing him and the rest of my family with the things they never had. By being a first generation college student, I hope to create a path that my siblings can follow and become even more successful.

I heard about the Take Charge foundation through Big Brothers Big Sisters of greater Miami, which is a mentoring program that I was a part of.

Shane, Heidi and Newell are part of the kindest and most selfless individuals that I was able to encounter and make a genuine connection with. They not only give to many people in need and make global impact by investing in my future and many others. They see potential and give opportunities.  Last Christmas they gave me the opportunity of suggesting a family that was in great need of Christmas joy. I was elated with this opportunity. The family I suggested were overjoyed when Heidi and Shane went over to their home and deliver gifts. It was a very humbling experience. About two-weeks or less after Shane and Heidi were able to visit their home, the mother of the household passed away. The mother was able to pass away peacefully after a great Christmas filled with Joy, laughter and nothing but love.  Shane and Heidi passionately continued to be involved and even lend a helping hand when it was needed. Newell was very involved as well and allowed for a continuous flow of communication. The Take Charge foundation is much more than what meets the eye. This foundation is very important to me. Shane, Heidi and Newell created a ground where every recipient of the Take Charge foundation was given the chance to get to know each other, network and grow as a family.