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Houston College Scholarships Foundation


Texas A&M University,  JD/MBA

I value how the Take Charge Foundation differs from other scholarship organizations; the foundation takes our schedules into consideration, and gives us the opportunities to bond with our fellow scholars and the people who keep the foundation running. Generally, a scholarship recipient would not have the opportunity to spend a weekend with their sponsors. I on the other hand, will treasure the weekend I got to spend with the Battiers and all the people who help make our dreams a reality. Without the Battier Take Charge Foundation’s support, I would not have been able to graduate early from my undergrad and study abroad in Japan. I am currently pursuing a joint JD/MBA degree at GGU. My 1L summer will be spent under the tutelage of the KIPP Foundation’s General Counsel office.
The most valuable lesson the Take Charge Foundation has taught me is that despite any doubts from anyone or ourselves, the foundation will unconditionally support us and see success within us.