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University of San Francisco, Physics

I currently attend the University of San Francisco, I am currently studying Physics, and I will graduate Spring 2018! I’ve known I’ve wanted a college education since middle school. KIPP helped me realize how much I loved science, and how I could pursue a could career changing the world through technology and innovation. Some obstacles I faced included financial problems, my family was honest with me from the start of my college application process; my family wasn’t in a position to help me financially with college. But my mom’s moral support was more than enough for me to strive to make it happen.

My college counselor, Ruby Rivera, told me about the Take Charge scholarship and advised me to apply. I applied for the Take Charge Foundation scholarship my senior year of high school. After I was blessed with the opportunity to be a Take Charge Scholar, the Foundation made a college education a reality for me rather than just a dream. At the Leadership retreat, I got to know Shane, Heidi, and Newell on a deeper level. They had been  just the people who had blessed me with a scholarship, now they are friends, mentors, people I could confide in. I know they genuinely have our (the scholars) best interests at heart and it’s always comforting they’re their for us whether its advice on career goals or even if we just need someone to listen. The retreat provided us with valuable and constructive experiences in professional development and self reflection.

After undergrad I plan to go to partake in an Engineering Graduate School program (5 years). And in ten years I would love to be working at Tesla Motors or at a Nuclear Power plant. If I could tell high school students anything, it that pulling all-nighters completing college and scholarship applications is temporary, but a college degree is forever. Do not pass up ANY opportunity to help the future you.