Miami Scholarship Foundation
South Beach Battioke


University of Florida, Information Systems and Operations Management

I attend the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. I am currently obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy (December 2016) and Master’s Degree in Information System and Operations Management (December 2017).

My mentor’s Jack Hart, Anthony Jennings, Dr.Robert Morris, and Amy Rubeinson had numerous conversation with me about my potential to be great. In this conversation, they expressed that college would be a great tool to utilize in order to bring forth my potential. In addition, college would take me out of my current impoverished environment.There was a plethora of obstacles. I not only lost the majority of my friends, but I faced scrutiny for my decision to propel my life forward. Next, I had to apply for numerous colleges and ultimately scholarships with the help of my mentors. This led to me spending hours in front of a computer finding scholarships after school. I would leave school as the janitors were closing the gates.

I was given the opportunity to be apart of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. I was assigned under the guidance of Ferdinand Betancourt. It was not until Gale Nelson interviewed me for the scholarship because he saw potential in me to rise up from my situation and forge my own future. Gale Nelson is one of the main reason why I know and am apart of the Take Charge Foundation.

My relationship with the Take Charge Foundation currently is that I eat all their food! But honestly, Shane, Heidi, and Newell are my extended family that I have been looking for my entire life. Hitherto, they have shown me compassion, love, provided me with great advice and experiences. I am humbled and blessed to not only be apart of a vast cadre of unique scholars, but also for their being genuinely caring people over this foundation.

There are a lot of things about the Take Charge team that have surprised me. Shane is a great partner to have in board games. In the case of Heidi and Newell, they are the perfect women. It is difficult to find women who can relate to young adults. In my opinion, they feel like best friends when it comes to any problem, situation, or concern you have. They understand and empathize with you. Plus, they are hilarious and full of energy when they get together. Overall, Shane, Heidi, and Newell are the people you would want to bring to a barbecue if you want it to be awesome.

In five years, I see myself involved in investing, lending, and social businesses. But, currently I am focused on being better every day.

My advice to current high school students is that it does not matter where you are in life now because tomorrow exists. All you need to focus on is the people that have your interest at heart and move forward. If an migrant from Liberty City that went to one of the worst schools in Dade County and Overall in Florida. In addition, he had a single mother with no money to spare for anything can make it. Come on, you will make. Guaranteed or your money back. Keep pushing the legions forward toward Elysian or stop and bathe in Tartarus.