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Florida International University, Health Administration and Nursing

I am currently a student at Florida International University, and I am majoring in Health Administration. I am also pre-nursing. I am on my third year in college and I’ll start by saying that time has flown by! It was only three years ago that I graduated high school and became a Battier Take Charge Foundation scholar. I feel so old already, lol. On a serious note, I’m here to tell all you prospective college students and Battier Take Charge applicants about my experience in each. Here are my stories:
Do you remember watching High School Musical on Disney channel? Remember how you grew up thinking that during lunch, the cafeteria would randomly uproar into song? Yeah, I too was disappointed to find out that didn’t really happen. In college though, it’s totally the opposite. College is what you expect, and more. Like most new environments, it can be a bit scary and a lot of things are new to you. You might find yourself surrounded by different groups of people and in an entirely different state. You may feel unsure about what you want to do with your life or what major fits who you are. You might go in with a major and decide to change later on down the line. You are definitely going to learn, unlearn, succeed and even fail. All of that is apart of the process and all of it is okay.

I know I sound like an expert, right? Well there is the fact that I’m years into this….and there’s also the part where I’ve had a lot of twists and turns since my first semester. The biggest take-away from it all is gaining the idea of my true purpose. I started at FIU thinking that I knew exactly what I wanted out of life. If you asked me back then what I wanted from college,my answer would be education and success. My definition of both terms were tightly defined and are surely not what I know them to mean now. Education is a lot more than being able to pass a test and Success considers more than graduating and being able to get a nice job. My career in college has taught me why education is truly important. It definitely goes beyond what occurs in the classroom and what is on my exam. It’s more about learning to understanding what is happening around me and around the globe from my own perspective. It is knowing what I want to do, why I want to do it, and equipping myself with the skills and credentials that I need to fulfill those wants; really just figuring out my place in the world (as defined by me,) and getting to that location.Without my college experience, I would not have discovered who I am and who I want to be or, more importantly, why. Have you ever heard the saying, “If you choose the job you love, you will never work a day in your life?” My drive for success would serve no true purpose if I don’t realize my passion and start building on that. It is much easier to commit to a field that makes you happy than to work all of your life. Thanks to college, I was able to discover the greater of good of higher knowledge.

If you are considering applying for this scholarship you should consider these disclaimers:
Becoming a scholarship recipient is being adopted into the Take Charge family.
Resources you need, are about to become readily available to you.
You are going to do well and do good!

In addition to help with paying for school, you will be embedded into the heart of the entire Battier Take Charge team; and everyone is rooting for you. Shane, Heidi, Newell, and the rest of the team are all ready to share experiences with you and learn about what they can do to maximize your success–even after college! Last year, at the summer retreat in Detroit (where all of the scholars were able to meet), we had the opportunity to network with others in our prospective fields. Our questions about etiquette, job searching, and goal setting were answered. We even learned more about what we could do to give back to others in our respective communities to encourage others to want to go to college. The experience was unforgettable and rewarding in so many ways especially because these were things we all wanted to get a better understanding of. The Take Charge team listens and responds to what we want to know or work on. As a scholarship recipient, you will have access to all of the proper tools you need to do your best. How great is that? The Battier’s go the extra mile to ensure that you will do well, and do good!