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Florida International University,  Psychology and Speech Pathology

College has been fantastic, it is a growing experience like no other. I cannot wait to go onto graduate school and finally pursue my career. I am currently doing Communication Disorders for my undergraduate degree in hopes to get into a Speech Pathology graduate program! I got interested in speech pathology after meeting someone in the field and shadowing. It was great, I didn’t expect to love it that much, I wasn’t really aware of the career either. But that just goes to show how much growing we do in college.

I really have to thank y’all… from the bottom of my heart. Shane, Heidi, yourself, Ashley, all of the speakers, you are all a part of our journeys, and a very important part. Not all of us receive the unconditional support we receive from you guys, back at home, so this foundation is a gift to many of us. I feel like no matter what career choice we make, you are all behind us, taking every step of the way with us, proudly. That motivates me to make something great of myself. I have people – the Battier Take Charge Foundation – waiting for me to become something great, with high expectations. The connection we have is priceless, it feels like a family after the Michigan retreat this last summer. I’m still in contact with some friends I made in the retreat and I can’t wait to see them again. I will carry the pride of being a part of the Battier Take Charge foundation everywhere I go. I always put it on my resume. Those who receive the scholarship really don’t know what they’re getting into until they meet the crazy-fun Battier Take Charge family we all are!! Just like Heidi said in the last retreat, “We’re all a family, whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with us forever!!” ? Can’t wait to one day meet those new to the program, I wish every one of us the best, as we are representing a great foundation. 🙂

And lastly, thank you for the endless support! Two more years until I graduate undergrad… feels like I was being interviewed for the scholarship a week ago. We’re growing quick on you guys! ?

I go to Florida International University and I am studying Psychology, I will graduate in 2018. I knew I wanted to pursue a college education because I would be first generation in my family, and I knew I had a certain set of passions. I always felt like I was meant to do something, regardless of what that might have ended up being, I knew education was the route towards achieving those goals. And it ended up being so! Some obstacles I faced trying to pursue a college education was deciding what I wanted to study. I thought I wanted to become a Midwife in the beginning of my college career, and I remember as child dreamed of becoming a pilot or a vet. It was very difficult to understand what I wanted to do and be happy doing for the rest of my life. I needed to search within myself and figure out what made me happy, not what would make my family or other people happy. It was difficult breaking it down to my mother, a nurse, who hoped I would become a nurse as well. But at the end of the day, you are the one who wakes up every day to walk into that job. I had to choose my happiness over anything else.

In freshman year of high school I requested an appointment to see my counselor because I knew the next four years would mean to work towards getting scholarships to afford college in the first place. I knew my mom and I wouldn’t be able to afford college. That was when I was introduced to the Big Brothers Big Sisters program which eventually lead the steps towards the Take Charge Foundation.

Shane, Heidi, and Newell are a family to me – they provide family love and support. I know that if I ever feel like I cannot figure something out by myself, I can approach them for help with no hesitation. I am so proud of the relationship I have with this foundation and the friendships that have come from it.Through Take Charge, I’ve learned that I strive for success, but I also strive for the success of those around me. I have also learned that even champions like Shane, can be humble with their accomplishments, and that makes him a great role model for all of us. Although we may be successful, it’s important to treat those around you with unconditional love.

Something about Shane, Heidi, and Newell that surprised me was how humble and loving they are. They all have such sweet feelings and treat us no different than they treat one another. It’s as if we are actual friends, I will always keep emphasizing how much we are treated like family. When I think about the Leadership Retreat, I will always remember Heidi saying, “we’re family, whether you like it or not!”

In five years I see myself probably finishing up graduate school. In ten years I see myself coming to a retreat to talk to the new Take Charge foundation scholars and inspiring them, just like the last retreat. I hope wherever I am, I am in living comfortably and humbly. And wherever I end up, I just hope I am serving my community and those around me the best way I can. I just want to dedicate myself completely on my craft and be remembered as a humble, giving person.

My advice for high school students would be to pursue the career that makes you the happiest. Never pursue a career based on potential salary – it isn’t fulfilling. And truthfully, you’ll need more than that to motivate you through the tough semesters in college. And it is okay to not have this all figured out, even after graduating high school. Life changes and so will you. To those who receive the honor of being a part of this foundation, use the resources around you and know that we are all rooting for each other, and you.