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Attending Carleton College would not have been possible if it were not for the generous help from the Battier Take Charge Foundation.

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Take charge is not like any other organization. They invested in me, and that has been the biggest source of motivation to do well.

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The Foundation made a college education a reality for me rather than just a dream.

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The Take Charge Foundation team is very supportive – they check up on me and hold me accountable on my journey of pursuing a higher education.

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I am new to Take Charge, and it has been an enormously welcoming community. I constantly feel the team’s energy towards the program goals.

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By being a first generation college student, I hope to create a path that my siblings can follow and become even more successful.

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I will be going to Uganda in May to work with disabled children, tending to needs and teaching English. My lifelong goal is to practice third world medicine.

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At home, not all of us receive the unconditional support we receive from Take Charge, so this foundation is a gift to many of us.

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I was surprised at how much Shane, Heidi, and Newell wanted to create a bond with all of their scholars. Their happiness is very contagious.

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Take Charge listens and responds to what we want to know or work on. They provide us with the proper tools we need to do our best.

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Through Take Charge, I have learned the value of giving and how much it can impact another person. This gift has had a huge impact on my life.

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Shane, Heidi, and Newell are my extended family that I have been looking for my entire life. They have shown me compassion, love and more.


“This foundation has provided me with valuable insights that will help me make a difference in the lives of others.”

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Without the Battier Take Charge Foundation’s support, I would not have been able to graduate early from my undergrad or study abroad in Japan.



I still think about the retreat all the time! I’ve got the BTCF pens and folder on my desk, it’s a nice daily reminder to always “Do well & Do good”