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Let Athletes Be Students

Posted By: Beth

Originally published by The Players’ Tribune on October 24, 2016. Read the full article HERE.

When I think back on my college experience, of course, some of the first memories that pop into my mind are on the basketball court.

I’ll start reflecting on the intense practices, emotional victories in front of the Cameron Crazies and the experience of cutting down the nets after winning a national championship in the Metrodome.

Those are some of my best memories from college. But they aren’t my only memories.

I also think about Wiffle ball.

Back in the day myself, Mike Dunleavy, Jay Williams and a few other guys on the team used to play Wiffle ball on the quad. It got pretty competitive. We drew some small crowds, I have no doubt they were impressed at my ability to hit the second floor windows of Wilson dormitory. We had some game. In the fall, before the season started, we were at the football tailgates and sitting in the student section.

During the basketball season, we were an elite athletic team that looked to go to the Final Four every year. But after the season was over Coach K would remind us, “Alright, don’t forget to be college kids. Hang out on the quad. Catch a baseball game. Experience it!” He’d have us do two one-hour workouts a week but beyond that, we were regular college kids. We’d hang out, grab pizza at 2 a.m. and then stay up the rest of the night trying to cram for a test the next day, like all of our dorm mates did weekly. Stupid (but ultimately important) stuff like that. And honestly, those are really some of my best memories from that time in my life.

A lot of things have changed since I was in school…